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Amber Creative & Digital Support, we take pride in being one of Coimbatore's most contemporary marketing communication agencies.
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Who are we ?


We are a Dynamic company –Established in 2016 offering multilingual desktop publishing service to the localization industry.

15+ In-house professionals

  • We are happy to work on simple quick-turnaround jobs as well as on large and complete documentation projects.
  • We are Flexible, High quality and low cost orientated.


Artwork & design

Our Artwork and Design services enable publishers to create visually pleasing, dynamic art layouts that enhance content value and learning outcomes. From intricate design templates to simple vector redraws, our creative team has the experience and tools to transform your ideas into dynamic designs. Our services include comprehensive illustrations, graphic designs, websites and multimedia designs for a broad range of books and journals.
+ Branding ideas into tangible brands
+ Creating an identity and personality for the brand
+ Creating a brand tone and a visual mood board
+ demonstrating what your brand represents

Illustration services

We process figures, illustrations and redraw artwork based on a rough sketch provided by the author. Our team has extensive experience in graphics software including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. We also handle color scanning and color correction.
Our illustrations and artwork services include Situational illustrations, Technical and Medical illustrations and Illustrations for children’s, fiction, non-fiction books.

Our company provides illustration and motion graphics services to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our mission is to help creative thinkers connect with artists so they can transform their innovative and progressive ideas into powerful visual content.

Design services

We have a team of professional designers in all capacities with extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, and QuarkXPress who can render artwork and designs to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients from conventional STM/Academic publishers, to publishers of school books/children’s books/educational material etc. Our Design services portfolio includes Graphic Design covering Books, Covers (CD or magazine covers), Infographics and marketing collateral; and Multimedia Design (HTML5 based interactive e-Books, Audio, and Video Editing, Voice-overs to scripts, 2D / 3D graphics creation, and animation).

Our team is adept at conceptualizing, designing and developing a wide variety of communication materials, including :
• Brand Identity
• Logo designs
• Business Card, Brochures, leaflets
• Product displays, Stall designs
• Product Packages and Labels
• Direct mailers and etc.

Image conversions from all varieties of supply formats Redrawing
1.Graphs and charts
2.Conceptual illustrations
3.Anatomy drawings
4.Chemical structures
5.Engineering diagrams
6.Complex scientific charts

Halftone production
1.Color corrections and manipulation
2.Color to B/W conversion
3.Historical / archive photos processing

Creative drawings from hand-drawn sketches / descriptions Digitalization of photos (shadeation and B/W scanning)

Our Additional services

1. Graphic Design Services
+ Hoarding
+ Standee
+ Calendar
+ Diary Design
+ Magazine
+ Poster
+ Branding
+ Logo
+ Brochure
+ Flyer
+ Catalogue
+ Menu card
+ Dangler
+ Stationary
+ Pamphlets
+ Prescription Pad
+ Invitation

2. Digital Marketing Services
+ CRM & ERP Applications
+ Creative Website
+ Wordpress Website
+ E-commerce Website
+ CMS Development
+ Web Applications
+ Online Portals
+ Web Digital Marketing
+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Search Engine Marketing
+ E-mail Marketing
+ Social Media Marketing
+ Promotional Videos
+ Local SEO
+ Social Media
+ Management
+ Product Photography
+ Animation Video
+ Domain & Web Hosting
+ E-mail & SMS Alerts

3. Branding Services
4. Advertising Services
5. Mobile Apps

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