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Amber Creative & Digital Support, we take pride in being one of Coimbatore's most contemporary marketing communication agencies.
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Who are we ?


We are a Dynamic company –Established in 2016 offering multilingual desktop publishing service to the localization industry.

15+ In-house professionals

  • We are happy to work on simple quick-turnaround jobs as well as on large and complete documentation projects.
  • We are Flexible, High quality and low cost orientated.


Copy Editing

Our Copyediting Process helps you to improve what you want to say. We can deal with any writing flaw you may have and can help you distill your narrative and focus its impact. moreover, we help you expand or trim your text, as needed & tightens plotting and enhances characterization. Lastly, it helps you pace your story.

We also check for homogeneity in the style of writing, reorganize the content for clarity and logical progression, correct incorrect grammar or word choices, and check citations during copy-editing.


Bringing out a professional publication is a painstaking process that necessitates finding synergies between different groups of talents and tools. Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing team composed of DTP specialists, graphic designers, editors, proofreaders, and quality control experts ensure that your book or document gets to the printers in absolutely perfect form. We take complete accountability for the project right from the manuscript stage to the final delivery stage. Our constant liaison with all the stakeholders – the authors, printers, and editors throughout the process ensures accuracy and speed in all our publishing projects.

Amber provides professional typesetting services for publications to meet publishers' requirements for crisp, clean layouts. Amber has experienced compositors who use the latest pagination software to organize your document with a consistent style and format.
Their typesetting capabilities cover all color and four-color requirements with a fast turnaround time. We also offer typesetting services for journals and books.
Amber Creative & Digital Support affords complete Project Management offerings and assist publishers of their guides via all of the levels of manufacturing from the receipt of the manuscript until Print. We typeset lots of titles in numerous domain names such as
+ STM books and journals
+ Fiction and Non Fiction
+ Recipe books
+ Children’s Book
+ B2B books and journals
+ Magazines
+ Law books
+ School books (K1–K12)
+ Catalogues
+ Encyclopedias
+ Directories and Dictionaries
+ Comic books
+ Adobe InDesign
+ FrameMaker
+ QuarkXpress
+ Corel Draw
+ Math Type
+ Adobe Illustration
+ Adobe InDesign


Graphic images break the monotony of long passages and improve the intelligibility of your content. We have at your disposal a team of talented graphic designers who are adept at image recreation, photo editing, line arts creation, image masking, color correction, background removal, shadow creation, and vector conversion. They can improve the quality and presentation of your images so that they ideally complement your textual content.
Our team is full of enthusiasm and creativity; we want to do what is best for our clients' businesses because it's your business we need to drive our innovation.
In terms of logo design, we understand the essence and importance of it and deliver the best. We design not only the graphic representation but also how that logo relates to other branding elements such as collateral, the website, product packaging, etc.


Amber Creative & Digital Support, with decades of experience in the language and technology space, and well-trained localization experts can help businesses achieve the best connection with their target markets. We effectively localize content to appeal to the unique cultural, societal and communal values of the audience so that the intended message is delivered in all its entirety. We pick our localization professionals after a rigorous skill test and have a localization process that includes multiple levels of reviews to ensure that we deliver the high quality output that we promise. With our client-centric approach and accurate deliveries, we have helped hundreds of our clients from diverse industries and locations take their brand’s footprint across the globe.
Expanding your business in to the global markets requires more than a simple language translation. Whether you are a well-established company planning to sell your products or services globally or a marketer trying to find out how to present your newest campaign in other countries, all your efforts must be aligned with the language as well as culture of your target market. As a reputed localization company in India, Amber has all expert professionals who have the technical expertise, linguistic experience and cultural awareness to ensure that your project enters the new market flawlessly.
we offer:
+ Localization
+ Multimedia Localization Voiceover, subtitling, video localization etc.
+ Resource Augmentation with Supply of Translators, Interpreters, Technical Writers, Content Writers etc. for short/long term contractual work through remote or onsite
+ Language Training Webinars, Online/Classroom Training, Corporate Training etc.
+ Machine Translation
+ Desktop Publishing Services
+ Text Extraction (or) OCR
+ Template Creation for brand spanking new format
+ End to End multilingual DTP
+ Target Check Fix
+ Language Adaptation
+ Evaluating and putting in the documentation project
+ Generation all textual content substances in more than one languages (Catalogues, Manuals, Instruction Guide, etc.)
+ Fixing the format of translated fabric
+ Desktop publishing and Language Sign-off (LSO)
+ Editing graphics
+ Converting or producing output of translated fabric in more than one formats
+ Performing high-satisfactory assessments on finalized translated fabric

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Project Management

Amber Creative and Digital Support can streamline your publishing production processes through our Project Management Services. As project managers, our team takes responsibility for setting up initial contact with authors to deliver final PDFs, SGML, XML, and ePub/e PDFs. The Project Management services from amber allow you to print and publish best-sellers faster, focus resources on expanding into new areas, and overcome challenges such as thinning margins and escalating input costs.
A localization project requires a high level of collaboration between cross-functional teams. Localization project managers serve as the point persons across the organization to make sure project schedules stay on time and budget.
The tools that enable localized TMS to integrate with project management tools are very helpful for ensuring that each team knows what is going on during the translation process, milestones are met, and deadlines are approaching.
No matter what happens in a translation project, our manager will always know who to contact and where you are in the process, making it transparent for everyone.

Technical Publication

We provides the feature is to find authors and their manuscripts to produce and publish into books. We provide include full-length manuals, textbooks, schematics, scientific reports, industry standards, and instructional publications. An author or group of authors gathers information about a particular topic or subject and arranges the information into chapters and sections.

Amber pays huge attention to technical publications, from the creation and authoring of basic manuals, to the development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals. In addition to the production of technical documents, we also provide assistance to manufacturing materials, heavy machinery, and automotive clients who require most accurate technical content when supporting their product.

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