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Amber Creative & Digital Support, we take pride in being one of Coimbatore's most contemporary marketing communication agencies.
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E-Publishing Services

We, Amber creative & digital support cover the whole publishing chain of transforming your content for all types of eBook including but not limited to children’s picture book, travel guides, educational text books, academic books, photography books, cookbooks, health books, magazines and edutainment books.
We identify and fix the errors pertaining to hyperlinking, formatting, topography, style, uneven tone in images, variations in artwork in relation to source file, and more. In addition, we verify the code, check the final output on various e-readers, and make certain that it is in sync with the client's and eBook retail/distribution companies' acceptance criteria
Amber creative and digital support enables publishers to convert titles into their preferred format to maximize interactivity, mobility and flexibility, and cross-platform compatibility.
Multiple Input Formats: Amber Creative and digital support ePublishing has expertise in all kinds of conversions from a diversified range of input formats, facilitating :

  • + Quark, InDesign and PDF to eBooks
  • + Hard Copy to eBook Conversion
  • + XML Conversion
  • + Manuscripts, Print, Image and Word files Conversion

ePub Conversion

Can convert your manuscript into high-quality eBooks. We accept your manuscript in any format and convert it to digital outputs such as ePub2, ePub3, and Mobi. We can handle fiction or non-fiction books and journals including high-complex layout books.

Amber offers ePub and ePub3 conversion and formatting services according to IDPF standards. We accept all formats - Microsoft Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, 3B2, RTF, XML, HTML and any other - and convert them to digital publications that can be read on any device with a compatible reading application.

Fixed Layout Books

EBook Enhancers has focused on quality always and to ensure quality, it applies MANUAL processes instead of ‘automated’ processes that often fail to retain the originality of the contents. The service offered in providing your manuscripts in Fixed-Layout file format is carried out with manual efforts as well, out of any input file formats (like PDF, Word, Adobe Indesign, etc.), ensuring complete satisfaction for the client in terms of quality as well as rate, apart from providing timely delivery.

Amber creative and digital support provides you quality on fixed layout book.
Books where the positioning of images is important, such as cookery books, travel books, comic strips or children's books, a "fixed layout" EPUB format has been developed in order to remain true to the original work on paper, and render images optimally.

The formats of fixed-layout eBooks that we produce are:
• Fixed-layout ePUB
• Fixed-layout KF8
• PagePerfect PDF
• Nook Kids ePIB
• Kindle Comics
• Nook Comics

Interactive Books

“Fantasy is more important than knowledge”
“Logic will take you from A to B but imagination takes you anywhere”.
Our main objective of Interactive book service is to provide as essence of online book store via a simple and yet powerful medium. We do the enhanced ebooks, and offer a huge level of customizability.

Now you have the option to make your fixed layout EPUBs more dynamic and engaging than ever before with ePub documents with rich interactivity created by us. Make use of slideshows, buttons to trigger animation, hyperlinks, and more. Our company covers the whole publishing chain for your content, and we are a specialist in publishing and digital production.

Cover Design

Our team of visualizers and graphic artists help you create unique, compelling and visually-evoking, together with an apt layout, and customized illustrations that reflect your content, helping your Books stand out.
The right book cover is more important to draw audience interest and sell your book. If you don't have the right book cover supporting your book, you're more likely to fail and lose money.
The face of your book is a simple term to describe a book cover.
You cannot get your readers to buy your books just based on the book title. They need to see an example of what the book is about, which is why the best books have the best covers.

XML Conversion

The move to XML workflows has become vital for publishers worldwide. For publishers already using XML workflows, our ability to migrate your work and your workflow processes is unparalleled. Our team’s ability to quickly and easily get large-volume projects up-and-running is based on more than 6 years of experience, working with hundreds of large-scale customers.

We have deep experience working with various applications such as InDesign, 3B2, Latex, Frame Maker, and QuarkXPress, using these within our XML-based production processes. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable of both XML DTD and related technologies.
We are well versed in both XML DTD and Schema to analyze and to obtain DTDs manually. We can also develop DTDs of our own. Amber provides a full spectrum of XML services to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirements for content repository and multi-device capabilities.

Amber Creative & Digital Support has been withinside the publishing commercial enterprise for years and it's far this revel in this is delivered forth in our paintings with XML technologies. Our crew is very well gifted in all XML primarily based totally DTD and will even create personal DTD to suit customers expectation. XML structuring paperwork an quintessential a part of our education software and enables our body of workers higher apprehend the nuances of XML shape and display.

Amber’s extensive XML revel in is nicely made use of withinside the implementation of XSL styling, differences and formatting objects. Work on XSLT tiers from easy styling of XML pages to the complex transformation of codecs from XML to PDF, HTML and text. Using enter XML and XSL, we generate extraordinarily structured, styled on-line content material. This content material is then appreciably checked for format and textual accuracy.
Our paintings consists of the transformation of XML to PDF, XML to HTML/XHTML, and XML to Word/rtf and text. We use a famous XSL Formatter mixed with XML and XSL to result in such conversions.
We usually have energetic fine tests to make sure each correct format and text.

Taking gain of the wealthy XML and formatting revel in withinside the company, Amber has mastered the structuring of XHTML compliant pages and content material. Apart from coding revel in with the 3 extraordinary XHTML DTDs, Amber additionally systems XHTML pages consistent with a few vital accessibility standards, which includes the WCAG.
Our XHTML improvement revel in consists of conversion from scanned enter, structuring of documents, technology of net content material and lower back conversion.
We have state-of-the-art in-residence VB, Perl, and Macro gear for changing one layout to some other. For example, DTD-particular XML is transformed to comply to some other XML, XML is transformed into XHTML.
These gear go through a strict trying out and validation technique earlier than they get deployed in a stay manufacturing environment.

Enhanced eBook

At Ambeer's our ebook conversion group is well-versed with all sort of content material layout, from Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PDF, Scanned materials, etc. Just ship us your documents in any layout and we will create an ebook in any virtual layout as according to the customers need - which include EPUB for iPad, Nook, iPhone, and .mobi for Kindle devices, Mobipocket (.prc). We additionally offer Fixed Layout, Interactive and Enhanced eBooks. Our Enhanced eBook service turns your complex and static eBook content into interactive stories and facts through embedded audio and video files.
Our team is adept at conceptualizing, designing and developing a wide variety of communication materials, including :
• Brand Identity
• Logo designs
• Business Card, Brochures, leaflets
• Product displays, Stall designs
• Product Packages and Labels
• Direct mailers and etc.

At Amber Creative & Digital Support we observe a methodic system in digitizing books from any tough reproduction source. The e-book conversion system consists of the subsequent phases : Scanning.
+ Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
+ Text Proofing and Styling.
+ Electronic report conversion.
+ Hard copy
+ Scanned copy
+ Microsoft Word
+ Adobe In Design
+ Text files
+ QuarkXPress

We convert to ePUB for iPhone and iPad from loads of formats

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